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Loan Type
Approximate Terms
APR as low as1 Approximate Payment2
(per $1,000)

New/Used Auto

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up to 48 months 2.50% $23.99
up to 60 months 2.75% $19.96
up to 72 months 3.00% $17.34
up to 84 months 3.50% $15.63

Personal Loans

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up to 60 months 7.50% $22.30


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up to 60 months 3.25% $20.21
up to 72 months 3.50% $17.58
up to 84 months 4.25% $16.01
up to 96 months 4.75% $14.83
up to 120 months 5.50% $13.27

Home Equity Line of Credit

Payments are based on 120 months Variable rate3
(currently set at 4.00%)


Terms and Rates vary based on mortgage type – visit our Mortgage Center for updated rates

1 APR = Annual Percentage Rate | “as low as” refers to discounts available for the following: 1) Down Payment Discount: financing 80% or less of the value of the vehicle may qualify your for a lower rate. 2) Optional purchase of Protection Coverages: save up to 0.50% when you secure your loan with any of our optional Protection Coverages (Life, Disability, GAP, and Mechanical Repair)

2 Approximate Payment amount is based on $1,000 at the term and APR listed and includes the optional Life Protection and Disability Protection on all loan types.

3 Home Equity Line of Credit rate is a variable rate and can change up to two times per year (January 1st and July 1st). Anytime the rate changes, your payment will increase, or decrease, based on the new rate and remaining term. Payment terms are based on 120 months and are re-evaluated with each new advance.

All rates and terms are subject to change without notice. Rates are subject to credit approval.