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Direct Deposit Services

At Calcasieu Teachers & Employees Credit Union you have choices on how to deposit your money electronically into your checking or savings account. These choices are the fastest and most secure way to receive your paycheck or other funds.

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is the fastest and easiest way to receive your paycheck. Why should you choose direct deposit?
  • It’s fast! Eliminate those trips to a branch or waiting for a check to arrive in the mail.
  • It’s secure! No worries of a check getting lost or stolen. Check your balances anytime with online banking or mobile banking. Even access your paycheck early with Instant Deposit1 (if available).

Payroll Deduction

If you only want to send a specific amount from your paycheck to the credit union for either deposit or to make recurring loan payments, then you can use Payroll Deduction to make that happen2. This can help make sure you never miss that payment or set aside money for a rainy day.